School & Gaming, a balancing act.

I’ve been a college student for about 3 years now, and a gamer since I was about six. When I was going to school in my younger years, it was no problem playing a game till two in the morning and sleeping till 6:30 am to get ready for classes.

In my first two years of school, the classes weren’t all that challenging, so I could follow this same suit of gaming & studying. However, this last year I have had to change my tactics. Staying up late or putting off school work is not really a viable option anymore, alas. I find myself having to put my gamer behind me for a moment, and it is surprisingly hard! (Especially when my boyfriend is gaming in the same room). It is strange to have to plan ahead or set times when playing. Often when I’m hyper stressed with school my wonderful boyfriend will make me play a game for an hour or two to just relax.

Lets just say I cannot wait to finally graduate and be able to (hopefully) enjoy and actually finish games at a regular rate. Probably after my (again hopefully) high paying job I can come home to pop open a beer and button mash. Sometimes, it’s difficult to be a responsible adult and student. Balancing acts, still learning how to do so.

Not much of an introduction post, but hey leaves much room for improvement no? 


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