Finding a new book series

With classes and two jobs, my time to read for fun has really cut back. I usually stuff it in on the weekends or during extended break periods. I’m also a really, really fast reader which is great when I want to get through something quickly. One down side is I finish books really fast so I need a new one to read shortly after. (To give an idea, I read the largest Harry Potter book in under 24 hrs). I’ve recently been out of new books to read, and am having quite a hard time finding new ones that really interest me. Especially a new good series (preferably with thick books) to get into. The last few books I read were: Demons: A memior, Neverwhere, the first two books in The Naming series, and a few Steven Brust novels.

Unfortunately when Borders went under it took away a big resource for books. There are two local used bookstores in town, but I find a hard time really getting anything that catches my eye (they don’t get a lot of new stock very often). I mostly have to go on word of mouth or be lucky enough to have something catch my eye. I can’t use the library until I pay my fine…I’m really horrible about turning books back on time, I think I was five months late this last go around! Another thing holding me back is finances, I wish books were cheaper! My studies have really taken a told on money this term so leisurely spending had to be way cut back sadly. I’m hoping by Spring Break I can have funds and time built up, hopefully a new series or really thick novel will catch my eye by then!

Favorite genres: Fantasy, psycological horror, intense non-fiction, and supernatural things. Though honestly I’ll read just about any genre, though romance is the least read to be honest. And no Harlequin Novels–the just make me laugh!


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