Dragon’s Dogma: Darkness Arisen (PS3)

[credit: gamefaqs.com]

[credit: gamefaqs.com]

After joining PSN paid membership one of the first games my boyfriend and I were able to download for free Dragon’s Dogma. I’ve never head of the game but it looked interesting.

Quick Summary: 

You as the main player are having a normal day in you simple fishing town on the sea. Though it had been years since it has been seen, a Dragon swoops down and begins destruction on your home. You pick up a fallen sword from a solider who fled away in fear to defend your people. Failing miserably, the Dragon tells the hero that they are the Chosen one-and proceed to rip out and eat their heart. This names you the Arisen, who now must find and kill the Dragon who took their heart.

That’s a rough brief summary of the major plot of the game. However, there is so much more to it. Before rushing off to kill the Dragon you go off on multiple mini missions from simple things as “Kill # of certain creatures” to some of the more time consuming escort missions. As you go through you learn more about the Arisen, the land around you, and the Dragon.

An RPG that personally reminds me of a mix of Skyrim meets Dragon Age. There is a detailed character customization as well as the choice of three different classes. “Warrior” type, “Rouge” type, and “Mage” type. Of each class there are also two subclasses that you can eventually choose from. The great thing is you can switch your class if you so choose. You also can be accompanied to up to three companions who follow you around (and constantly talk) but unlike some other games with companions, these one actually help. They can be chosen from the basic three major classes. One is your own personal companion who is as detailed as the main hero with the creation process. When no missions are readily available or have a large count you can just run around discovering new places, or finding random people to talk to that may spark a new mission just by overhearing a conversation.

The map is fogged out until you venture around to uncover more of it, which can make missions difficult if it is located in an area with no visible roads. However that is also part of the fun. You also have no visible mini-map markers there are no indicators for random enemies which can be challenging when you roam around in the dark with only a lantern.

All-in-all I’ve spend many an hour on this game trying to learn and use new skills, figure out puzzles, and not dying by random major monster attacks. (Looking at you Chimera!). I’d suggest this game to someone who likes RPG’s that are a little more open and With lovely graphics, music, and interesting main and side story lines it will keep you busy for quite some time.


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