Personal Writing–Pushing Pages

I’ve written short stories and attempts at long stories ever since I was in elementary school. My grammar and story ideas have greatly improved since then I am glad to say. In the past three years I have honestly tried to write my own novel (mostly in-between college classes and work shifts). Sadly I have not been able to finish one of them. Though I haven’t given up on my first few ideas, I realized one of my issues may have been trying to go for the page count while also focusing on the content of the story.

One morning when I was reorganizing the closet I found a six in binder filled with completed short stories, unfinished stories, and ideas from all the way back in 2006 till about 2010. Sitting back and going through it, I realized I had written more pages back when I was younger then in my current attempts. Thinking on it, I believe that it is because back then I was trying to just write without thinking of how little I had written. I’m pretty much psyching myself out trying to really write something that people would enjoy reading that I would also be proud of. With this I picked up an old story from two years ago and began toiling at it once more, without constantly checking on how many words had been typed or how many pages were added. I actually found it to be much less stressful to write, and to my surprise and happiness I cranked out quite a few pages. Once I stopped worrying about it so much, I actual had real results.

Here is to hoping on completing my first actual novel will be ready for editing by the end of next year. Crossing fingers and dotting my i’s.

[End random ranting]


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