Novel on Hold–Short Stories Currently

So there are two very different novels I have been working on for the past two years. I am at a bit of an awkward place with both and am stuck. So instead of continually racking my brain to go through these trouble spots like I have these past two months, I have decided to take a break. Instead I will be putting together a short story collection which I never thought of doing before. I already have two completed stories used in college classes that had Hugh marks and wonderful reviews from my professors. There are many starting of stories and ideas that would not make good novels as I would have wanted them to be, but would make good short stories. I always believed that novels are where it is at in writing and I will finish one someday. However I believe this temporary break will do me some mental and creative good. Short pieces of creative writing to get the Muse’s whispers going again. In the end I am aiming for between seven and thirteen short stories and after mass editing g I will self publish online to sell. When it is completed after I am guessing three months I will be putting a link to purchase the book on this blog. Wish me well fellow creative minds!


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