Nicole: A Visual Novel Game



I first came upon this game as I was browsing my Play Store on my Android phone. In summary it is a dating Sim game that also moonlights as a mystery game.

Nicole is a freshman attending college for the first time. Shortly after arriving she discovers three girls from her new college have gone missing. The police have no leads and thus far no one has information. Nicole could turn into victim number four. Playing as the energetic and spunky Nicole you go through college life one day at a time. You can get a part-time job, romance one of four young men, and try finding clues to solve the mystery. Technically you could go through the whole game without ending up with a main sweetheart if you wished.

I do not play dating Sim games because they generally come across as overly simple characters, predictable situations, and an annoying heroine. One reason this pulled me in was the mystery aspect. I love solving mystery games and figuring out the bad guy before it is shown. Also Nicole is an interesting character with believable reactions, I actually enjoyed her as the protagonist. The four romance choices were not clean cut either which was refreshing.

The artwork is beautiful, the layout easy to navigate, the story flows naturally, and the music fits well. As far as VN go this is pretty top notch for a phone game. You can go to the website and purchase for the PC as well. When you download it on your phone it begins as a free trial and stops so you need to purchase the rest of the game. The trial actually takes you pretty far in the game to meet all the characters and be comfortable with navigation. It is a little expensive for a game, between 8-9$, and normally I would not buy a spendy game like that. However due to the rounded characters, length, re-playable option, and story line, I would say it is worth the money. The only in-app purchases is for more money which if you play your cards right you won’t need.

When you finish one path (or get a bad ending like I did the first time) it can be a bit daunting to go back through the entire game again. However I am the type of person who wants to see all endings, so after a certain point it will change based off of what romance interest you pursue or how your stats are built. So if you have patience replaying can be fun.

You’ll find the game at WinterWolves website (filled with their other games), as well as a mini guide that will show all correct answers and item favoritism for some of the paths. It only gives hints for some of the characters so it is not a complete guide. I went for the hardest romance interest so I flew on my own yet is was not too hard. If you like VNs and don’t mind spending a but I would give this one a try.

7.5/10 rating.


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