1 on 1 Rp (via Flyner)

I made a previous post about Flyner.com, in which you can have anonymous conversations with people. Well it so happens that I also like to do roleplay and back in my free time in middle school & high school would sign up with an online roleplay forum or two (usually fantasy). Helped get creative writing out as well as interacting with other nerdy people like myself. I have also done table top roleplay that I enjoy much more.

Well, randomly and surprisingly there have been two instances by chance on Flyner that have lead to a sort of one on one roleplay. I thought it would be fun and interesting to post these two (separately) on two different posts as these continue on (if they do). One is where I posted a question and someone responded whereas the other is the reverse. I thought it would be a good example of how sometimes roleplay can be done with only two people if both are creative enough and polite enough to each other, even strangers! So many it could inspire friends to do so via instant messenger or just two friends sitting at a table. I will put the links to these pages in this post. I don’t expect such a thing to occur again (or at least not a long time) using this messaging system that I infrequently use. So may as well use it until I lose it.

Comments and thoughts welcomed.


2 thoughts on “1 on 1 Rp (via Flyner)

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