Gurren Lagenn (Anime Series)



This is one of my boyfriend’s favorite anime series, and one that I have heard of for a while but never got around to watching. Well finally he made me sit down and do so, to which now I cannot stop watching the series.

Quick Summary: Simon (a quiet shy young man whose only skill seems to be digging) and Kamina (a loud mouthed ‘gang’ leader who looks after Simon like kin) both live underground. They have their entire lives, such is the way of life for humans. They have all gone underground for the land above is scarred and dead-to go above would be the end of life as you know it. So they dig to expand their ‘city’, working for food and shelter, in constant fear of quakes and cave ins. However, one day their world is shattered by the appearance of a giant Mecha and a bodacious gun totting woman. Opening up a whole new discovery of the world above that really does exist, the pair leave their life below in search of the truth and what lies beyond. Also to fight with giant Mechs and take on those who would rather the humans stay underground and die. 

Within the first few episodes I was hooked on its balance of humor and drama. Kamina is impossible, impossible I say to not like from the start. I did let out a small sigh of “this again?” when the lead female protagonist had pretty much only a few parts of her flesh covered, but luckily she was a complex enough character for me to get around this quickly.

You quickly learn of the main protagonists backgrounds within the first few episodes. There is a sweet brotherly bond between Kamina and Simon, you feel sympathetic for many of the underground colonies, and there is more to the enemy then what first meets the eye.

There are more then a few good elements working for this anime. I already mentioned how the characters have a rich background and are rounded. There is also some good humor thrown in some innuendo but many of it not. The romance in it pushes the story forward instead of feeling like a filler. The battle scenes are not horridly drawn out and have a lot of good dialog in them.

This anime will make you curious as to what is ahead, pull at your heartstrings at the loss of the characters, and keep you interested throughout the series with a chuckle in your pocket. Very much suggested for people who enjoy action and mecha anime.

9/10 rating.



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