The Magick Quest (Flyner Rp Initiated) [Part 1]

As I mentioned in a previous post I am going to display a randomly initiated roleplay that was started by myself. This is a bit more like choose your own adventure style where I display options to choose from, though do leave room for interpretation or choice to the recipient. To differentiate who is who, my posts will be in bold while their posts will be italicized. Questions, thoughts, and suggestions are welcomed. This entire thing is unplanned and I just came up with it on the seat of my pants while doing the dishes one late evening. So it’s not perfect, but interesting. **Brief warning, use of mild language up ahead.**

The other 1-1 roleplay where someone else is leading can be found here.


A cat walks up to you on the street, suddenly speaking to you. It says you are a hero and must be transported to another world to save it. Offering a magickal armband that will teleport  you and give you unknown abilities, the cat gazes expectantly. Do you accept this sudden deceleration of destiny?

My first thought would be what the hell I was spiked with, but I’d say yes, let’s go for it.

After being teleported to this other world, you come to find that you being a Hero is for the side of what is this world’s “bad guys”. So in essence you are a Hero for those who gave you the magickal item, but the villain to the rest of the world.

Well shit. Ah well, these people aren’t my people, they can see me however they want. I accept any tasks they ask of me.

You are allowed one companion who will follow any orders you give them and follow you on your missions. You have two choices, humaniod or intelligent beast.

Intelligent beast sounds awesome, but I’ll have to go with humanoid. Better conversationalists and may be more versatile. 

Of the available humanoids there is a hand to hand combat skilled Elfen race who are 6′ in height, a spellbased Faery race who are 1′ in height, and a dragon scaled looking human who is weapon based skilled at 9′ in height.

Do any of these humanoids have any recognizable genders?

The Faery can switch between genders at will, the other two each have a male and female gender. Though the Elfen are more feminine in appearance and the Dragon are more masculine in appearance.

I will take a hand to hand specialist I think. 

Both genders are equally capable, though females are slightly faster while males are slightly stronger. The speaking cat wants to send you to a tower where a priestess has an item of power to help you become a better hero. There are two ways into the tower: the front door and an underwater passageway. The door is guarded by a dragon while the passageway has unknown dangers in the water.

I’ll take speed, so female she is then. Much as I’d like to say the enemy I know is better, a dragon’s still a god-damn dragon, so we will take the underwater passageway.

Once there a small body of water is before you, only fifteen feet wide. However, the water is a murky green so you can only see a few feet down. Every so often, a ripple appears on the surface. Your Elfen parter asks who should enter first.

I hate to be a dick, but I’m going to go ahead and let her check it out first.

Taking a few steps in the water she is suddenly pulled under, vanishing from sight. Any movement in the water instantly alerts a beast. A minute or two pass when the surface is broken. A snake twice your size is wrestling with her, both bloodied and struggling. She calls out that the tail is wrapped around the entrance of the passageway before being pulled under again. If you enter the water you can follow the body to the door while it is distracted. Or you can try and help her fight.

I already feel bad for making her go in first, so I’ll try to help her, tempting though the other option may be.

They break the surface again where she has the snake’s mouth pinned open with both hands, its tongue waving about furiously. On your person there is only simple leather armor, a long dagger, and the magickal armband. You can go for the head or under the water at the body. 

Let’s go for the head, with the dagger, because I am feeling recklessly badass at the moment. 

As you swim out and attack the head of the snake you manage to pierce an eye, leaving it blinded on that side. With one hand you hold on while attacking with the other. It pulls its mouth away from your partner and tries to bite you, landing a slash on your non weapon shoulder. Now with free hands, the Elf lands a powerful pointed finger thrust at the other eye of the beast, rendering it totally blind. Creening in pain, it thrashes about and pulls beneath the surface throwing the two of you away to crash into the water. You can both go back to shore, continue to attack, or try and swim to the entrance while it’s distracted. 

Get the hell inside that entrance while it is distracted.


((to be continued))


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