The Mysterious Room (Flyner RP Recipient) [Part 1]

As I mentioned in a previous post I am going to display a randomly initiated roleplay that was started by a stranger. This is a bit more like your normal table top game where you are presented a setting and you choose what you want to do based on that, which then the creator shows the results of your choices. To differentiate who is who, my posts will be in bold while their posts will be italicized. Questions, thoughts, and suggestions are welcomed. This entire thing is unplanned and unexpected after my first response back, but quickly we both enjoyed the writing. I will continue to update this as (and if) if continues.

There is a second post where I initiated an RP by chance which can be found here.


You awaken in a dark and unfamiliar room. What do you do?

First, quietly listen. Can I hear anything in the room, outside of it, to give me clues? While doing this my eyes can adjust to the darkness in the room for some visibility. I try to recall my last memories before waking here. Next I check myself for any injuries or anything unusual. Next step is to check every inch of the room for clues and a light source. All without speaking to be on the safe side.

You strain your hearing, and indeed, you hear a faint buzzing noise coming from elsewhere in the building, but can’t determine exactly where. As your vision adjusts, you make out the shapes of the furniture, and conclude that you’re in a dusty old sitting room. You sift through your mind, but any memory of arriving here is a blank. Checking yourself, you seem uninjured, but you’re carrying nothing but the clothes you’re wearing. It doesn’t take long to find a light switch; the light flickers on, confirming that you’re in a sitting room. A door with a window leads outside, and two other featureless doors–one which is old and worn– head further into the house.

Seeing the doors I look through the window of the door to see if I can see anything. I also listen at each door to see if I can hear anything like the buzzing noise or other. Then I try each door handle to just see if any are locked. Heading outside could be just as dangerous as indoors since I don’t know what is out there.

Through the door’s little window you can see an empty street and a few other houses; they all look devoid of life. Pressing your ear against each door, you find the buzzing noise is a bit louder behind the worn door. Giving each knob a jiggle you find that all three are unlocked.

I don’t want to leave without protection, so I will go through the worn door carefully. I want to find the source of the buzzing noise as well as a weapon of some kind. I keep close to the wall as I look ahead of me.

The worn door slowly creaks open, revealing an ancient, moldy kitchen. A withered plant sits in a pot on the table, and a few rusty knives lay on the counter top. A screen door leads to a backyard, and a small door near the fridge apparently heads down the the cellar. The buzzing is louder here. 

Walking slowly I go to the counter top and grab one of the rusty knives while also covering my mouth and nose with my free hand. I inspect the plant to see if I can identify what it is. Next I try the sink to see if there is any clean running water to drink. Inspecting the kitchen more I try to see if the buzzing is from something in this room. 

Very little remains of the wilting husk in the pot, but you determine that it was likely some kind of flower. The faucet knob squeaks loudly as you turn it, and the water that pours out is rust colored. Listening carefully, the buzzing is not coming from this room, but rather sounds like it’s coming from beneath the floor. 

Disgusted I shut off the water. Not quite brave enough o go down in the cellar just yet, I head back tot he room I woke in to open the other windowless door. Hopefully some better clues of the house are there and maybe a better weapon then a rusty knife, which I hold now with both hands. 

The second door opens to a long, dimly lit hallway. An iron staircase spirals up to a second floor at the far end. On one side of the hall, a set of double doors open to an art gallery of sorts; on the other side, two doorways lead into a combination study & library, plus a small bathroom.

Such a bit place, and yet not another soul be be found. I choose to go into the study area feeling a little braver.

The study’s walls are covered with bookcases, which are filled to the brim with ancient hardbacks. A large desk sits in the middle of the room covered in papers. Almost all of the writing on them is illegible scribbles and strange symbols. 

I look at the strange symbols and fold a few of the papers up, placing them in one of my back pockets. I look at the desk to see if there are any drawers. Briefly I set the knife on the desk to use both hands.

You perform a quick search of the drawers. Most of them are filled with more scribbled papers, but the top drawer also contains a long letter opener, which is oddly cleaner than anything else you’ve seen thus far. All the while, the buzzing drones on in the cellar, permeating the house.

Taking the letter opener instead of the rusty knife, I rush out of the study. It being clean means someone put it there recently and they could be coming back soon. I conclude that I will come back later to see the second story and other room later. The buzzing is diving me nuts. Quietly I make my way back to the gross kitchen and move to the cellar door. Slowly I open it with the letter opener in one hand.

The door slowly opens with an ominous creak. In addition to the buzzing, now that the door is open, you hear a panicked voice coming from below as well.

Holding my breath I clutch the letter opener tighter and move past the door listening. I try peeking down to see if anyone else is down there or who is panicking. I keep the door that leads out open–just in case. 

The wooden staircase leads down to an earthen floor. On the right is an open doorway with a pale light spilling from it. The noises are coming from within, but the sources are out of sight. 

As quietly as possible I move down the stairs towards the open door. I try and see if the letter opener is an adequate reflective device, holding it to try and see in the room before I try and sticking my head in there.

The blade is fairly shiny, and you can make out odd shapes in the room, but you find it just a bit too thin to clearly show what’s beyond the door.

Cursing inside I take a deep breath and peek one eye around the doorway, slightly bent in my standing position in case I have to jump back.

Inside the room your eyes meet quite a sight: a young woman is tied face-up on a table in the center of the room, a large machine bolted to the ceiling above her. Attached to this machine is what appears to be a gigantic drill, which is slowly descending toward her. In your brief explorations of the house, the drill has gotten dangerously close to her, threatening to give her a permanent navel piercing. 

I quickly run to her and tell her to stay calm. I attempt to cut her fee with my letter opener.

The ropes at her wrists and ankles are thick; she pulls in her stomach to buy a little bit of extra time. You’re able to slice through them and she is freed. Carefully, she slides out from under the drill and off the table. She checks her midsection for damage, and seeing none, throws herself into your arms thanking you repeatedly. 

((to be continued))


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