Where is Wonder Woman? (Movie Rant)

I love my superhero/villain movies. I grew up reading my father’s X-Men comics and watching the old Batman cartoons. There are some series/universes I love more then other. Also some characters I love more and others who could fall to the wayside and I would feel okay about that.

In recent times we have had movies about:

  • The X-men
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Iron Man
  • Fantastic Four
  • Green Lantern
  • Captain America
  • The Hulk
  • Thor/Loki

Just to name a few, most of which I have enjoyed and would see again. Now I understand that there are not that many interesting/strong female lead  protagonists in the comic universes. Most of whom we have seen are villains and that is great when they hold a huge amount of spotlight (cat woman is a popular one). However, there are a few who I wouldn’t mind seeing the whole movie based on or more focused on. Black Widow would be great, and if needed (it would be fitting) Hawkeye could be the second protagonist (or antagonist depending on their history).

Here is where my issue comes in though. In the Justice League group/universe there are some that are there pretty much full time while some are there when they can be. Batman, superman, flash, these are of the few well known people. So when wanting to make a new superhero movie about someone who hasn’t been featured yet, who comes to mind?

Did you think Ant Man? Well I sure did not. Not to rant on the guy too much, but his powers are…alright. In the comics, depending which verse/series you are looking at, Ant Man is kind of an (explicit here). Yes he has an interesting power that in the Justice Universe is somewhat unique. I can see trying to bring out a character not many are familiar with may drive up sales because he is a bit of an unknown. But really, really movie makers–Ant Man?

This is where the title of this rant comes in– where is Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman has been one of the most iconic superhero females since, well ever. She is a feminist, she is intelligent, she can hold her own in a fight, and she has no problem killing an enemy if it is needed. (Looking at you Batman/Superman). Wonder Woman, depending on her comic history, is somewhere between an Amazonian and Demi-God. She is a princess who cares for her people and the humans they live away from. All in all, W.W. kicks ass and looks sexy while doing it. Plus she can hold her own against Batman and Superman, which is entertaining. Too many times it has been said there “isn’t a market” for W.W. or that because of her iconic image and the popular TV show back in the day it’s “too hard to find the right actress”. Bull-poppy. There are fan made movie trailers for W.W. that makes me forlorn that Hollywood won’t pick up on it. (Youtube has plenty of good stuff).

So please, please Big Movie Makers. Don’t try to please me by throwing W.W. as a background character in a Superman movie. The lady deserves her own film, she fights Titan like monsters for heavens sake for breakfast before hitting the humans of evilness. Let us make some magic happen.



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