First Words — The Beginning of Writers

Recently when going through my storage unit trying to rid it of useless junk, I came upon a box of my childhood. It was filled with notebooks up on notebooks of writing I did growing up (I have trouble throwing things like that out). I was amazed at how much I wrote fiction growing up, the earliest writings were from when I was only seven years old (grammar nonexistent at this time haha). It got me to thinking, what had inspired me to start writing so much so young? What continues to drive me to write to this day at age 25? I believe it began because of my deep love of reading which was instilled in me at a young age. Reading lead to me thinking about how I would do things in the story, or how I would have written it instead. This blossomed after I was encouraged by my parents to write, and as I got older writing fiction (and poetry) became a positive outlet to my emotions or how I saw the world through my young eyes. Now, I find it still as a wonderful outlet, but I want to moreover share my views through writing to others to have them see or think a different way. As well as maybe inspire someone else to go and write.

I know many writers in my life who focus on different types and styles of writing. It got me to thinking, what made them do what they do? Or stop doing what they did? For all those writers out there-do you recall when you first picked up the pen (or keyboard) and began creating your own stories? Is it still the same thing that drives you on to this day, or did you stop for certain reasons of your own? It is interesting to look back at the beginning. Below are some of the thoughts on this topic of those who I have known through my life.


Laura Witham: Age 27

“I’ve been telling stories and writing since I can remember. I think I know more about what stops me from writing than what starts it because it comes so naturally. I guess I could say different kinds of relationships between people, spirituality, music, and social issues inspire me most.  When it comes to my poetry, a lot of that specifically comes from anger, resentment, and sadness, which is harder to express for me in prose, but the other feelings come more naturally in prose, I guess.”  (You can view some of her writing at this location:

Devin: Age 14

” I started because I like to make stories because I love listening to them, and love grabbing peoples attention and sharing something that fascinates them, makes them wonder, and something that makes them want to listen to the very end. To be glad that they listened, or read, the story. I still write every now and then, and will continue.”

Ellen: Age 25

“Writing is the form of expression that has always made me feel the most comfortable and confident, and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. I think one of the reasons I started writing is that, by nature, I’m sort of a lonely introvert. I like being alone and social interaction can be tiring or awkward if I don’t know the person well, but I also have a lot to say and I crave interaction. Writing lets you interact with your readers (and your characters or subjects), but it puts a filter between you. When I write, I get the chance to review what I say as many times as I want before I say it, giving me the opportunity to make sure it’s exactly what I mean. That makes each interaction more meaningful and effective than it would be if I was just talking to someone in person.” (Will post a link to her blog when it is up and running again)

Sean: 27

“I used to write a lot when I was younger. Pretty much I used it an outlet for emotions and teenage angst. And to get girls haha. As I grew up I lost a lot of the angst, now I have stress instead. I do love that people enjoy my writing quality, style, and topics but i’m ridiculously self-conscious an anxious over it. So I don’t often share it with other people. I think about taking up writing again, but haven’t done so-yet.”

Tia: Age 25

” I don’t really write by myself anymore, but I write with a friend nearly everyday. It is a creative outlet, an exploration of somewhere unknown. Keeps me thinking and imagining.”

D. Charwin: Age 26

“I wrote a poem once about the sun being evil, which was totally misconstrued as positive, told I was a good writer, and then just kept making up rhymes, etc. in my head Wallace Stephens style, writing some down. Other writing is juvenalia, nonsense, and branching out just to try other things. Now I do it as lyrics, and as modeling, etc., because I need to be up on it to try and help students. The other answer, just as meaningless, is to refer to Joyce Carol Oates‘ short story “Journey””


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