Science! Music! Amazing!

Science has always been interesting to me, and I know “Science” is a pretty broad subject, but I love it so. Biology is where my talent and most of my skill lies in the big 3 of sciences. Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are the big 3 by the way. The basic trifecta of sciences in most high schools and colleges. 

Now music has always been a passion of mine, but I have no talent for it really. I can play the triangle and kazoo which is my instrumental skills. Although I have a pretty good singing voices, can’t read a lick of music or write lyrics. I do love how expressive it is however and can span all generations and nations, etc. 

So what happens when someone combines the two? Magic, that’s what happens. At least in my humble opinion, it is a delicious combination of the two. What I am speaking of is my new favorite background playlist that was introduced to me by my boyfriend. It is a Youtube user by the name of melodysheep who has come out with many videos linking science lectures and autotune. Some big names like Bill Nye, Carl Sagan, and Neil Tyson are featured. Some videos focus on space while others on evolution. There is a beautiful video here that is dedicated to one of my childhood heroes Steve Irwin (I always get a little teary eyed at this one). I believe this person(s) even had PBS commission a short video or two for them as well. Below I will post a few links to my favorite videos. Please share your thoughts on them and spread the musical science of awesome to your friends!


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