Fairy Tale Films (Good, Bad, Upcoming)

I am quite a fan of things fairy tale (my blog name may have given that away). So when it comes to films that depict fairy tales, I am a bit of a harsh critic I will admit. As for the film industry, fairy tales have always been darting in and out of the theaters, though in the last five years it seems to be an increasingly popular film subject. This may be, in my opinion, because “they” have run out of ideas and rehashing a fairy tale is an easy way to make a movie. It may also be due to people wanting something different then the big explosions, fast cars, and girl-gets-kidnapped-guy-must-save-her movies.

There are really only two categories that fairy tale movies can fall into, in my opinion. Good and what the hell were you thinking. Sometimes they make it into the Great category, but not as often as I would like (Pans Labyrinth is right up there though). The making fairy tale movies live action theme seems to be picking up more and more as a fad, which I am thrilled with because I like to see what type of twists and changes they make to old time stories. Below I’ll list some of the movies that have come out in recent years with a G (Good) or WTF (bad) ratings. Again, these are in my own opinions. The ones with the not so good ratings, I’ll also leave a little quip as to why I didn’t like it so much. I’ll also put what fairy tale the movie is portraying since not all of them include it in the title. There are also going to be a couple mentions of TV shows because I really liked them.

  • Tangled (Rupunzel) G
  • Mirror, Mirror (Snow White) G
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters WTF (flat characters, not enough story)
  • Red Riding Hood WTF (Twilight-esque, predictable, costumes & hair too nice for shabby settings)
  • Beastly (Beauty & The Beast) WTF (horrible set-up for “beauty” to be housebound, overly cheesy, really cliche) 
  • The Brothers Grimm G
  • Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland WTF (See my review about this here)
  • Once Upon A Time (TV show many fairy tales) G
  • Neverland (TV two part series, Peter Pan) G
  • Finding Neverland (Peter Pan) G
  • The Fall (non-specified tale, but very reminiscent) G
  • Ondine (Selkie folklore/Little Mermaid) G
  • Hanna (fair tale mix) Indecisive (I really can’t decide if I like this movie or I don’t…)

I would really like to see some more fairy tales that are different then what we have seen, (snow white is so overdone at this point). I would also love to see more folklore & foreign fairy tale films too, so I am going to make an effort to see where I can find some. If you have any suggestions, then please leave a comment! There are a few upcoming films that have been confirmed to be made while others are still in speculation from my point of view (I haven’t found confirmation sources at this time otherwise). I’ll list them below.

  • Maleficent (SO EXCITED! Favorite childhood fairy tale villain!)
  • Cinderella (Disney live-action)
  • Tarzan (live-action, not yet confirmed)
  • Peter Pan (Rumored 2 or 3 films to come out)
  • Beauty (Beauty & Beast, possible a Del Toro film?)
  • Mermaid (Dark retelling of The Little Mermaid, not yet confirmed).

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