My Own Writing — distractions!

Still working on my collection of short stories, as well as a new novel idea that has been sitting in my head for months. I always plan on making time to focus only on writing, but I seem to continually get distracted by daily things in life (woes of adulthood). I am way farther behind then I want to be, but I do enjoy sitting and writing when I can. For some reason this is often at three in the morning when I am going through another bout of insomnia. At times I think of just throwing my hands in the air, asking myself why I even bother. I am so good at starting stories but not so good at finishing them! Yet when I see stories of others who have succeeded in finishing (I’m not even talking about being published–that is a whole different goal/dream), it makes me push on. One day I am going to finish something worth publishing, be it self publish or getting picked up.

Just gotta keep going–one word at a time.


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