Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee




I love books that take an old idea or story and give it a good healthy revamping. This book caught my eye because it took a very old story, the fall of Angels after the Garden of Eden, and put a new point of view on it. 

Quick Summary:

Clayton has just been hired to author a memoir for Lucian, a demon with an extraordinary story to share. The fallen angel chronicles a life of heavenly bliss and rebellion, human creation and salvation, and God’s relentless pursuit of mankind.

-Demon: A Memoir jacket

There is so much detail and emotion in this book that I couldn’t put it down once I got past the first chapter. I never thought I would feel empathy or sympathy for a character like a Fallen Angel. Yet Tosca Lee lets you feel just that, as well as ponder on the morality and choices humans make and choose in their lives. Her vocabulary in the books is superb as well, giving it an air of sophistication that sets well with each of the main characters in this story.

You get to see the up and down emotions and thoughts of Clayton, who wants to write a good story that could make him really known, but also wonders how smart it is to be conversing with this Fallen entity. He used to be a somebody, but that has fallen apart, as is the rest of his life it seems. Then this golden opportunity hits him, and thus begins his own battle of inner demons. This could be the story of a lifetime! What is the cost though? He is continually battling himself over his choices, as well as the emotions and actions of the Angel who is speaking to him which become unpredictable and surprising to a mere mortal.

The Angel is amazingly written, and I just love him/her. They appear as different humans, in different genders, of all shapes and sizes. Once as a beautiful busty woman who flirts with Clayton until the man realizes who it is. Another time a cranky man who is full of frowns and wrinkles. The roller coaster of emotions the Angel goes through itself, not to mention puts Clayton through, is interesting. They love their The One and hate The One at the same time, created to love and worship yet were cast out by them. They talk go through joy, anger, sadness, jealousy, all the emotions you’d expect in a human (especially an emotionally unstable one). Yet there is always this sense of greatness, something that is ever out of reach for Clayton, or the reader, to fully grasp. They have lived for eons, experienced millions of things, of course we could never fully understand them. But they will help us try and touch the tip of what it is that they are telling. 

If you don’t mind books that twist religious ideas, then this is a good one. It never gets pushy in its religious ideals or ideas, nor does it make the reader feel bad if they aren’t religious. I find it more philosophical than anything.  Get a look on the other side of the story about the creation of man and the fall of some angels.

Rating 5/5.


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