Short Stories: 5 down, more to go!

I finally began really cracking down and busting out my short stories. For a while there my muse and motivation had left me and I was feeling out of sorts. Yet then suddenly at the convenient time of 2 AM, I had an itch to write and busted out a ten pager no problem! I had found the flame to fuel my fingers to fly across the keyboard! For a short time anyways. I have completed five stories from seven pages to twenty, and have three more partially done. I feel pretty proud that I have gotten this far and the stories seem to have actual weight and substance. About half have subtle (or not so much) messages in them about a specific topic(s) while a few others have no real message and are there for entertainment only. I feel this is a good mix.

One thing I have found is I am really bad at doing first person. That is what will have the most editing nightmares I believe, though even through all that some of the stories I feel are better told this way. It is also good to challenge myself in new and difficult ways to grow as a writer. I also try and have a somewhat balanced gender protagonists in the story. So far more are female then male, but I like to have each of them in there to not only appeal to more readers, but make the book seem more interesting with different perspectives of the genders. Age-wise most of them are between 18-25 because a lot of the stories deal with adult issues, though a few of them have no mentioned aged but are described as ‘boy’ or ‘girl’. Some physical features or mannerisms suggest they are younger, between 10-14. Again, to give a different feeling to the story and to have some differences between each one so that they reader isn’t going over the same type of person.

I wasn’t sure what kind of genre I wanted to write either, so far I have a variety that have been typed out. A few horror type, a few fantasy, a few realistic, it’s kind of fun doing all the genres I like in little short blips instead of full fleshed novels. Though I do plan on writing a full novel some day (I have about 40 started or partially done between my laptop and notebooks), this is a good way to stretch out my writing feelers without feeling the crush of “I’ve only had this much done”.

Hopefully by the end of the month I will have finished a total of 12-15 stories. Then over May I will hopefully have them edited, revised, edited, revised, permanent title, and cover all finished. Then putting it up for sale via self publishing for ebooks (thank heavens my fiance can do that part for me for free!) and maybe ordering for a physical copy (still working out details). In which I will have the blissful knowledge that I have completed and published something. So if all goes well, this Summer I will have my little collection of stories out. So excited~


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