Springtime: Colorful Things for Sale!

Hello folk of the internet, I am finally back (for now) after some crazy engagement…well engagements.  My first “I’m back” post is to celebrate Spring and to celebrate a close friend of mine. Springtime (at least over where I live) is full of rain, flowers, and people finally going back to shorts. It’s when the shops really bust out sales and colors for people to sport around as well, mostly aimed at the ladies, because they can now unravel the scarves from their faces and show off accessories.

One of my best friends since the wee age of thirteen has always been creative and nifty in the color department. She has just opened up her own Etsy shop to share these cute earrings that she has made. They are great in the price department and simple enough to work with many outfit and hair styles. Currently she has a limited amount of pastel colors and shapes, but it is soon to grow. Oh, and did I mention they are made out of buttons? I was lucky to be sent two pairs for free for a belated birthday gift. I will put a photo in this post so you can get a glimpse at the size of most of the earrings in relation to the ear.

Interested? Want some for yourself or a friend? Here is her shop site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ButtonBarrel

Also, because you have read about it here she has kindly enough offered a coupon that is valid till the end of May that will get you 25% off your total purchase at the end of checkout. Just type in JABBERWOCKY for this little deal. I am all about supporting artists and buying right from the source. In the future I may add more links to shops of interesting and cute crafts from the many people I know. Because what is a friend who blogs for?

One set of the earrings my friend makes.

One set of the earrings my friend makes.


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