Dust: An Elysian Tail (PC game review)

[credit: Wikipedia.com]

[credit: Wikipedia.com]

Quick Summary: After a brief description of a world in turmoil and war, you start of the game with the main character who has no memory of who he is or where he is. A magical talking sword comes to him and calls him ‘Dust’, followed by an adorable flying creature named Fidgit who is kind of like a flying cat. The sword tells you to go the the town not too far ahead to try and find answers as to who you are. The blade is your only weapon that unleashes powerful physical attacks, while Fidgit serves as your magic attack counterpart.

Now that the description is out of the way, let me gush about how much I love this game and cannot stop playing it. The artwork is smooth and beautiful, every character being a humanoid animal, but done very well so that it doesn’t look forced or strange. The voice acting matches each character and you can hear different emotions depending on the situation. The cut scenes also offer some dialogue options and different expressions of the characters. The controls are easy to use (especially if you know how to hook up a controller to your computer or get the Xbox version) and platforming is a dream. It’s a side scrolling styled game with scenery that has different weather that will change over time, monsters and non-interactive creatures alike, plus replays of different areas depending on when you unlock various skills. The music is also wonderful, playing tastefully with each scene, dramatic crescendos when needed, battle music that doesn’t grind on the nerves. Really I have no complaints about this game, which is rare. There is so much more to this game then what I am saying, but I don’t want to give the story line away since it is full of details and interesting things.

There are three levels of difficulty, and the most basic – casual- takes some of the details out and does them for you, such as leveling. Instead of choosing where to level up, it does it for you. Usually this irks me, however they balance it out well enough that I actually can just focus on making weapons and armor from blueprints and finding new places to explore with each new discovered ability.

All in all, go buy this game. You like great music? Buy it. Story telling that has an interesting plot and rounded characters? Buy this game. A mix of hack n slash with puzzles included? Seriously buy this game.

Still not convinced? Here is a link to the intro. You’re welcome. Dust Intro Here.


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