Blog Face Lift!

So those of you who have been following me you may notice it’s a little different around here….hopefully for the better! I wanted to change the layout a bit to make it a little less formal and more friendly. The font isn’t such a fancy script, although that was fun, on some eyes it is a bit difficult to read. There is also a touch of color, but it’s all very sleek, clean, and pretty gender neutral still. Which for some reason is important to me for a blog. I rather like having everything put on one side in an organized fashion, while the current posts look nice and neat.


Not much of an announcement I know, but it was a change so I felt it was needed. My poor fiance has to put up with room changes every four to six months, so consider yourself lucky my readers.

Here is to a nice new blog theme and layout, and to hopefully more consistant blog posts~

As always, feel free to leave comments & suggestions for reviews. If I have time (and the money) to purchase/rent/etc, I’ll throw up a review on it.


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