Dreams as Stories ~thoughts~

Off and on through my life I have kept various dream journals, usually in actual journals with a pencil and everything. Once my brothers dog ate one of my journals, and after many an hour of lamenting I began to record them on a computer. Over the years I have collected almost 60 pages worth of dreams. This is in Times New Roman font 10, single spaced. I have more to add from a journal that is currently in storage. I’ve often wondered if I should just put this collection in some kind of format, throw on a title, change some names of real people whom I’ve dreamt of, and turn it into a book. I’ve some pretty interesting (and sometimes pretty dark) dreams, that I find interesting. My friends and family find interesting, or insanely weird and give me funny looks. It makes me wonder, would anyone read this sort of thing? It’s got no real flow or consistency, no real set of characters or theme, heck, some of them couldn’t even fill an entire page. Would it be worth making a “short story” collection? Would anyone actually care about your vivid dreams miss blogger?

The truth is, I don’t know. I’ve always dream very vividly and in great detail. Some of my dreams are a bit silly and random, some are filled with monsters you would only see in horror novels, and others have romances that could make Nora Roberts applaud. (Ok, may be exaggerating on that last bit).  Still leaves that one point that I have pondered for the past couple of years though. Would dreams be interesting enough to read about? Or is there some way I could somehow twist them a bit and make them all part of one big story with some sort of sense?

Again, I don’t know. And I’ll probably never know since I’ve get to reach a confidence of trying out such a venture. Perhaps one day, perhaps not. Anyone else have thoughts on this, or tinkered with the idea of doing something similar?


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