A Twisted Ladder By: Rhodi Hawk

[credit: Goodreads.com]

[credit: Goodreads.com]


Quick Summary:

Psychologist Madeline Leblanc has spent her whole career trying to determine the cause of her father’s schizophrenia. She always felt that if she could unravel the disease’s origins, she could cure the man who left her and her brother, Marc, to practically raise themselves on the Louisiana Bayou. When Marc takes his own life, Madeline embarks on a shocking journey into her family’s history-fraught with dark secrets, conjured demons, and a powerful relative who puts Madeline’s own life and property in peril…

-Taken from the back jacket of A Twisted Ladder.

So this book. I really wanted to like this book, and gave it a go with a full read, and a rereading as well. The cover looked promising as did the back description-yet I felt like I became revved up for something that really fell flat. It’s not terrible, but I feel as though it fell a little short for me and couldn’t quite keep my interest the whole time. Perhaps it’s because I felt it couldn’t quite decide what it was as a genre. Is it really a thriller or is it a mystery? Maybe more of a drama piece? There were elements of surprise and some things that could make your skin tingle or stomach knot a bit. Although that could have been the unneeded amount of sex scenes and clunky romance that went on through the book. The switching between the 1920’s and present day wasn’t the smoothest, though it did give some interesting points to think about and show different sides to things, a lot of the time it was just confusing and detracting. There were some interesting psychological aspects, and some of the plots twists were alright.

Overall, too many unanswered questions at the end, to weak of writing for dialog and flat characters,  this book was maybe trying to do too much in one novel.

Rating: 2.5/5


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