Alice in the Country of Hearts (A Manga Review)




If you don’t know this already from my Blog name and many posts, I am a fan of Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. So when I find a manga that has strong inspirations from this I am bound to read it. I stumbled upon this series by chance at a popular bookstore brand (before it went out of business) on a free day from work. Yes, I’m an adult and I still read manga, but let us move on.

Quick Summary:  Alice in the Country of Heart,s aka Hāto no Kuni no Arisu, is a story about a young girl named Alice Liddell (after the real life Alice) who feels over shadowed by her elder sister. A white rabbit tries to get Alice to chase him, but when she ignores him and tries to nap the rabbit turns into a man with rabbit ears. He then scoops up Alice and kidnaps her and down the rabbit hole they go. Peter White (aka white rabbit) confesses his love for Alice and tries to get her to drink “medicine”. Freaked out she refuses, but Peter forces it down her throat anyways. This “medicine” forces Alice to play a game that takes place in all of Wonderland, but doesn’t reveal what. Now Alice must find out how to win at this “game” while surviving the strange and often dangerous people of Wonderland.

This is a bit of a gushy, fangirly, type of story but never the less I really liked it. You get to see old faces in a new way- such as the Tweedle Twins who are only young boys that are disturbingly sadistic and violent, the Mad Hatter who is a gang leader, and the Queen of Hearts who is a woman that acts like a child. There are new faces as well that are special to only the story like Ace- the head knight of the Hearts and Julius who lives in a neutral zone known as the Tower who fixes clocks. There are three “regions” besides the neutral zone that are each ruled over with their own subordinates, and are often at war with each other.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but many socially awkward situations take place that make Alice blush, many people seem to want the affections of Alice thought the reasons aren’t what you think they may be, there’s a touch of violence and mystery, as well as some intertwining of the life Alice was taken from back home and how it mixes with Wonderland.

If you like Wonderland themed manga, with romance and nothing too deep going on, I would give this a try. The characters are fun and engaging, Alice isn’t totally annoying like in some spin offs, and there is quite a bit of humor in there as well.

5/5 rating.


2 thoughts on “Alice in the Country of Hearts (A Manga Review)

  1. I really liked Alice in the Country of Hearts too. It’s soo hard to not fall in love with all the guys, especially Peter and Ace, and there’s something loveable about Blood too. I am eternally grateful to my manga-freak friend for introducing me to this series! God bless you!

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