My fiance ordered a PS Vita bundle with the new Borderlands game, and it should be here within a few days. I’m so excited I just want to do a happy dance. Actually I did, after I tackled him with a huge hug. I love being with someone who understands my need for gaming and nerdiness.

Of course, rules of the house-thee who purchased it gets to play it first. So I must wait my turn on the glorious device. We already have a bunch of PS Vita games saved up on our PS3 Plus account, which gives out X free games each month. We knew one day we’d have a Vita, so we just downloaded the free ones till we were able to afford one.

And soon, soon it shall be mine.

Expect to see some PS Vita reviews in the future! Though not too soon since it’ll be a bit till I get my hands on it. In the mean time I have plenty of PS3 & PS2 games to play…


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