Thomas Was Alone (PS3 Game Review)



Thomas Was Alone is an indie puzzle platform game that came out not too long ago (also available on the PS Vita).  The basic summary of the game is that it is set in a computer program of a sort a glitch or error has occurred to cause certain pieces of the program to become sentient with personalities. These personalities all have a name and each have a unique ability about them. Together they must work to get through different levels while exploring themselves and their own existence.

During most of the levels there is a narrator who is quite similar to style and speech to that of Little Big Planet. It doesn’t detract from game play at all, and there are even a few text from the “creators” of the program that talk about why or how these glitches came about. I mentioned that each ‘player’ piece has a different ability to them, all the pieces by the way are different colored polygons which is the only way to tell the apart. Without giving too much away I’ll just mention a few abilities. All the characters can jump and move left to right, however one can jump extremely high while another due to his small size can move to areas the others cannot. Another can float in water, which destroys all the other colored pieces.

Each level isn’t too terribly hard to figure out- though this doesn’t mean they are always quick. Often you have to do some back and forth work to get all the pieces where you need them to go, often the ‘end’ spaces are in different locations. There are moving parts, buttons, platforms to reach, that all make you work your brain on how to use each unique character. I really enjoyed this game, though the music could be a bit ear piercing at times and get on my nerves but that’s just a personal repetition thing. The only other problem I had was jumping, it took a while to get the hang of it-and often the mishap of jumping caused death. Which brings me to one of the nicer points of the game-dying. Dying doesn’t retract points-for there are none! You don’t get punished for it and it’s actually kind of pretty when you die-you break into a bunch of pieces. There are respawn areas in some levels which make it nice so you can get back up to it quickly. There are other levels though where you do have to start all over again, but as I mentioned before none of the levels are too tough-nor too long.

The simplicity of this game makes it enjoyable to play, learning about each little polygons personality and how they play into the story, as well as the story line itself (which I won’t mention anymore of because it’ll give it away). If you like puzzle platforming games I suggest this one to you. It’s not as complicated as say Braid-which is wonderful in its own way, but not so simple that you get bored either. I give this two thumbs up, and even maybe worth a replay or two.


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