PS Vita Slim Borderlands 2 Unboxing

I mentioned before that I was getting a PS Vita bundle, and it has arrived. My fiance was nice enough to wait for me to get home before opening it so we could get a first look at the beauty together. Pictures below of the game, the memory card & DLC card, papers, and also a comparison to the PSP & Galaxy S 3 phone for size. We are pretty excited.

My fiance has this to say about it. “The buttons are surprisingly small on the Vita. It may be due to our router, but doing game patches in bulk went really slow and kept puzting out. Individually there isn’t a problem it actually moves quite fast, but again that could be our router which isn’t the best. I haven’t played anything yet, but it reminds me of a large smart phone. The touch screen is going to make imputing text so much easier compared to the PSP. I’m looking forward to actually gaming and seeing how this does.”







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