Long Live the Queen (PC Game)

Long live the queen

(Title Screen: Credit to Steam & Hanako Games)

I stumbled across this visual novel styled game when browsing one of my favorite Youtube “lets play” channels ManlyBadassHero (you can find it here). It looked a bit like a girly frou-frou game that was going to be filled with mushy love scenes and teen angst, which is fine from time to time. I gave his preview a little watch–and immediately went to find this game to preview for myself. Long Live the Queen, made by Hanako Games, is surprisingly challenging.

A quick summary:  You play as Elodie, a fourteen year old princess whose mother has just suddenly passed. Taken from school to be brought back home, you are to train to become the new queen of your kingdom. Oh, and also try not to die in the process. See, not everyone wants Elodie to be queen-you must avoid assassination attempts, outright duel challenges, as well as accidents that happen along the way. That’s what brings this game out of the standard girly games. The chibi styled deaths are cute and disturbing though. You have to be stragtigic in how you play. What choices you make and who you decide to side with can mean the difference between life and death-and there are a lot of ways to die. If you make it all through the game without a death, you get to see Elodie be crowned and some ending screen slides that give a summary of your choices and some of the people you meet.

So going into a bit more detail, there is a lot to consider while playing this game. Elodie has different mood states she can be in, from depressed, willful, fearful, and afraid to mention a few. Each of these moods will determine which skills get bonuses and which are penalized. Yes, there are also skills you get to put points into. Each week you get to make a choice of two skill areas that Elodie can practice-each equally 100 at the end. Through time you can unlock outfits which give bonus skill points to certain attributes. The choices you make in which skills to work on means you will either live or die through the game. Will you be military minded and ignore history? Will you work on courtly manners and medicine instead? Some of the check points you have to pass may surprise you in the skills you need. Depending on which skills you have buffed up you get different scenarios during the story line as well as extra options in the choices.

I honestly never expected to spend so much time playing this game. I’ve died quiet a bit I’m not ashamed to say. I’ve nearly reached the end, yet sadly met an untimely death. I’ve played pretty military minded and it’s done me well so far. If I play through again, I may be more peaceful and try a different route. I enjoy going through the game again and again because it’s always a little victory punch when you pass another possible death point that you failed before. As well as seeing how the story changes when you max out different skills.

Overall I give this game a 9/10 and suggest it to those who like strategy games with nice artwork and adorable death scenes. You can purchase the games through Hanako Games here or Steam here.

Looking for a walkthrough with no deaths? There are plenty online, here  is one that I found helpful with some humorous tidbits along the way of the speaker.


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