Short Story Collection – a writing update

I’ve been trying to write a handful of short stories to eventually put together into a book to sell, most likely online. It was also challenging to try and write novels (a feat I am still working on, so many unfinished stories), so I thought short stories may be easier and get the juices flowing. I’m not sure if they’re more annoying then novels or not! In my personal opinion, writing a short story almost seems harder. Is it too short? Is there enough detail and rounded characters to hold the readers attention? Is someone going to want to read a bunch of short stories of totally different genres? It racks my brain, but what good writing doesn’t drive you crazy? Good motivation I say.

In the past months life has taken away my time to write due to family matters and financial struggles. Things are (hopefully) looking up and I’ll be able to start devoting a bit of each day again to writing. I am happy and proud to say I have seven completed short stories. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s pretty big for me because I have spent so long trying to bash out so much in so little pages. Now, only a couple have been through a once through editing, but that’ll be for another time. Luckily, one of my friends has an aunt who does editing for a living-cheap editing a go!! This won’t be till I’ve finished all my stories though, get them all done in one go. I can feel the end is near, I five more that are started and two or three more yet to be written. I just need to stop psyching myself out so much. That feeling where “that person writes sooo much better then me, why do I think I can do that?” Yeah, must stop that thinking. Luckily my fiance is supportive and tries to push me to write, because he sees the smiles I get when I do so.

It may be some time yet before they all get typed out in full, before they get edited-again and again, then a title and cover chosen, and finally formatted for online purchasing. *gasp* Yet it will all happen sooner then later finally. I may even do some soft back copies for my friends independent art store, which would be lovely if the cost isn’t too expensive. To all the other writers out there who dream of publishing, or just finishing stories. To those who struggle with difficult characters and scenes that seem off. I salute you! We can do it, and it shall be done! Just get your muse drunk, tie them to a chair, and refuse to let them go until you can’t type anymore.


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