Lack of Video Games & Media Posting-an apology

Hello dear readers:

Usually I try to do a nice mix of reviews so that not one subject dominates my blog. Not only to keep a good mix of things for those of different interests who follow me, but so that I myself don’t get too bogged down with writing similar things. However, due to some arrangements I have been away from home to sit for some friends of mine. I’m watching a very sweet and needy great dane at their house whom I cannot leave alone for more then a few hours. This makes it so that I can’t take my big systems with me. Also, this dog does not do well with sounds of violence or angry voices. A lot of the games I currently have on my portable gaming devices have this, which means that the sweet dog will try and eat my device if he hears such things. So, to be on the safe side I left them at home. Thus why I have been doing a lot of book reviews. Books are safe to do without sounds. For the next little while I’m going to only to do some random posts like this one, and book posts. Soon I will mix it up again with some of the other stuff I review.


Thanks, and I hope I keep you entertained!


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