Short Story Collection: Nearing The End?

I have written before about my attempt to write a bunch of short stories down, throw them together, and self publish. After many (probably too many) months I can see the light at the end of the 1st draft tunnel. I have almost written enough to feel like it is filled enough to be called a small book. The stories are varied in subject, POV, and length. Most still don’t have proper titles though, which will be one of the few last things I do.

Nearing the end of Act 1 so to speak, I have requested a small number of trusted friends and family to review and send back a scathing honest stack of notes to me of the collection. I am unsure if all the stories are really worthy of going into the final format, and per usual I am my own worst critic. Eventually after the reviews of loved ones are sent in I will give my money to a professional editor to hack away and use a might red one to help me through the next draft.

It is all exciting since a childhood dream of mine is to put out my writing to the public. It is terrifying as well. What if no one buys it, or it gets more negative than positive reviews? What if after all is said and done I am still not happy with the end result? Will this cause me to want to finally finish a novel or keep me too unsure of doing so? Maybe and what if will always keep me down. So my fiance tells me to knock it off and just write. So what if nothing comes from it, I can say that I actually did it. Which should be enough for the time being. He is right of course, and although the actual final end is still a bit away, I am looking forward to taking the first step there.


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