Posting frequency-a few thoughts

So when I first began this blog, I had in mind to try and post at least once a week, though preferably more. Well anyone looking through my postings can see that my frequency is about as consistent as a cats temperament. Obviously life gets busy and in the way of things (my favorite excuse for long times of absence) though I feel it is just that I often forget. I makes notes of ‘write a review about x,y,z for blog’ yet it quickly is replaced with other tasks like ‘do laundry it’s been a week’.

So, though New Years is well past I am going to try and make a resolution. At the moment I am job hunting, in between terms, and really waste too much time on Youtube. So, I am going back to my original thoughts, to try and post at least once a week (if more, then whoopie for me and a pat on the back!). I had a new thought as well, which is trying to rotate my posts on that day once a week. Such as if I was going to post every Thursday, I’d do a book review, then the following week a movie review, then a game review. Rinse and repeat. If I can’t do a review (such as I haven’t played enough in the game) I may instead do something in the news like a rising new author or game trends, or just a ‘Rambling’ such as this. Just so long as I post at least once, on at least that specified day (tbd). I feel that if I make this seem more like a job or class assignment, I’ll be more inclined to post. I actually really enjoy posting, even if not many read it or find me, I don’t do it for others (though I very much appreciate you readers and followers!), it is just fun and relaxing. And we can all use something with those two things in it.

So, next week is fresh, over the weekend I’ll write up a lineup of what to post for the next four weeks on specified day. Hopefully there will be other postings as well, but if not, then at least I have that one. Otherwise, how will this blog grow if I don’t have a little consistency with my frequency? That’s it for my little Rambling, hope you readers find my writings helping and interesting, and as always comments are welcomed.


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