New Blog Post Schedule. (probably).

So a couple posts ago I wrote that I was going to plan to make posts on certain days of the week…and then didn’t post anything for a week. I have a really good excuse though! I had to battle with a Great Dane and really hurt some muscles. No worries though, I am for the most part healed up and ready to go! 

As you may have already noticed, I made a post (finally) today [Wednesday for my timezone] about a movie, which you can see over yonder. So my tentative, hopeful posting routine for posting will be Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Mondays may have more Rambling posts and things that are off my normal triple of topics. However, these days will have a post of some sort up for your reading pleasure. If I post any others in between, then a pat on the back for me! I hope I can stick to this and not be so lazy busy with life and working on my short story collection. I will also try to work more on news, announcements, and that sort of thing for games, movies/TV, and books. 

Anyways, thank you for keeping me on your screens and in your hearts. I will be posting again in a few days!


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