Male Protags in YA?

Short (and late evening) post about something that has been on my mind. Maybe I have just had bad luck, or a poor selection at my local library and two bookstores, but are male protagonists a dying breed in YA fiction?

The reason I am curious is because when I gander at books many have young female protags with secondary male protags (which is totally fine.) I am so happy that females are kicking but and taking names in YA. Yet I am having such a hard time finding a good number of male protags for new fiction to be specific. I am actually looking for male protags because a lot of the books I read happen to have a female lead because maybe I am female? So I want to shake it up, yet this is what I am having trouble with.

Again, is it just bad luck, or is the new rise of female leads accidently pushing down the other gender in its new awakened wake? Things to ponder, and my search continues. I do wish to shake my reading list up a bit with a gender swap. Eventually I will also do this with adult fiction, but that is an easier tasl thus far.

Anyone having the same issues or thoughts on this topic?


2 thoughts on “Male Protags in YA?

  1. I believe that’s the very reason so many YA fiction are having female protagonists lately. A change of pace. A fresh perspective to an otherwise old trope. Many new avenues of exploration that haven’t been expressed are now opened to young readers. I think its pretty cool.

    • That is my point though, while there is nothing wrong with a change of pace and I am very happy to have more female protags in books, I worry that males are losing out now. There needs to be some sort of balance, and I don’t want YA books to lose too many of their male YA just because females are now more popular to write about. It is important to have both of them. I do hope female leads will continue to be a popular and expanded thing, as long as it isn’t at the cost of the other gender as well.

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