Youtube Shoutout: ManlyBadassHero

*Disclaimer* I was in no way asked/paid/etc to promote this persons channel. I just happen to enjoy what they do and so wish to ramble about their work in appreciation. My opinions of this vlogger are of my own and reflect in no way any opinion of their own. Thank you.

Ok! So, I wish I played more PC games and Indie games all together, sadly my laptop in all its amazingness is beginning to fail and doesn’t exactly have the room I want it to. I do have an external hard drive now though, so my excuses are waning thin…however! Since I do not have the dedication/time/I’m lazy to play PC games, I often like to watch good ‘Let’s Play’ videos on Youtube to see what I am (or am not) missing in these two categories.

One channel that I found myself continuing to come back to and is now starred on my favorites bar is that of ManlyBadassHero. The name first caught me in amusement, and I was worried at first that they were going to be one of those ‘Let’s Play’ types who shouts and curses all the time, or talks in really annoying tones, etc. I was happily surprised when a mild mannered voice began to play with actual insights to the game, witty humor, and an interesting array of genres of games. I initially stumbled upon them when I was looking up new games and found Long Live the Queen on his channel. I began looking through his other videos and now find myself checking back now and again for updates. Some of the games I ponder on finding myself, while others I wonder how he could stand getting through them. 

I said there was a good array of games on his channel, a few of them being RPG Maker made, Visual Novels, Horror/Survival, and abstract. Some of the graphics are rough and simple while others are beautifully done, it is a nice mix of art vs plot line.  If the game takes a while to get through, he breaks the videos down into parts, this way you aren’t stuck watching an hour to two hour video where you may have to leave and then find where you left off upon returning. The videos are updated rather regularly and the quality of sound and video is good, it is really easy to understand what he is saying. Oh, I should mention he often reads the text of dialogue of the characters, though in a way that isn’t super annoying. A lot of people aren’t into reading aloud text, so I thought I should forewarn he does this in all his videos. Often if it is a trial run video he will mention or give the link as to where to get it, he also mentions the makers of the game and if he knows what engine was used to create it. 

If you enjoy ‘Let’s Play’ videos of normally non mainstream games, then I suggest checking this guy out. 


2 thoughts on “Youtube Shoutout: ManlyBadassHero

  1. Glad to see he’s getting much deserved attention, he’s one of the best Youtubers around. I like him very very much. He has a very soothing voice, and he’s a great guy.

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