New Book Releases: To Read List

Here are a handful of new book releases (hard and paperback) that I have stumbled upon, and I find interesting! You may not, and that’s ok! Hopefully I can get my hands on some of these and review them, but we’ll see about that in days to come~ All the titles will link you to their Barnes & Nobel pages for a better overview.


The Good Girl: Mary Kubica [The daughter of a Chicago judge makes a fatal mistake when she decides to follow the charming Colin Thatcher. Instead of a charming evening she is kidnapped, held captive in a cabin by Thatcher who went against his job to deliver her to his employers, keeping her held all for himself.] 

We are Water: Wally Lamb [Wife and mother of three, Annie Oh has fallen for Viveca, the art dealer who helped push her professional career. The two women plan to wed in Annie’s hometown, where gay marriage has just become legal. However, there is a long road ahead till they wed what with Annie’s family and hidden secrets within the family.]

Songs of Willow Frost: Jamie Ford [A young Chinese-American orphan is taken to the theater to see a movie with the other children on his birthday. On screen he sees Willow Frost, and is convinced the woman is his mother. Wanting to find and prove their relations, he and his friend Charlotte escape the orphanage together and head out alone into Seattle’s streets. Set between the Great Depression and also the 1920’s]

Heretics and Heroes: How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created Our World: Thomas Cahill [Title is pretty self explanatory.]

The Ghost Bride: A Novel Yangsze Choo [Set in China 1989, The daughter of a bankrupt general is asked to be the bride of a wealthy family’s son. The only thing is that the son has already passed on, thus making her a ghost bride. This is to help the soul come to rest and not haunt the family. While thinking upon this choice, she becomes entangled in the spirit world, finding out the secrets of the man’s spirit she is to marry and his family.]

Since You’ve Been Gone: Anouska Knight [Young widow Holly Jefferson has been dealing with the passing of her husband. When times passes, she begins to run her bakery Cake with the outside world thinking she is finally moving on. Inside though she is still struggling with her deep loss. Upon meeting Ciaran, whose life seems vastly different from her own, Holly must ask herself if she will allow another man into her heart or keep going as she was.]

The Assassination of the Archduke: Sarajevo 1914 and the Romance That Changed the World: Greg Knight and Sue Woolmans. [Through unpublished letters and rare sources, this book gives an insight to the marriage of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, the two were shunned for their love marriage-against the wishes of the emperor. When assassinations began in Sarajevo, the family was torn apart and WWI began its reign.]

Pretty Takes Practice: A Story of One Woman’s for the Real Meaning of Beauty:  Charla Muller [Bookseller Charla is met with unwanted comments and an HD version of herself on screen when aired for interviews. Feeling negative about herself she begins a journey on how to make herself feel beautiful in today’s world.]

The Oregon Shanghaiers: Columbia River Crimping from Astoria to Portland: Barney Balock [The telling of poor patrons and persons getting kidnapped to be workers on ships, stealing their wages and freedom in one swipe. This book accounts the true stories of some of the men who pioneered these acts and the horror, politics, and crimping that went on the Oregon Coast.]






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