Why all the Swearing? {A Rant}

I’m one of those people who really enjoys finding a snazzy youtube channel and watching people play games. Sometimes demos, or teasers, other times a full on game. Usually it’s because I don’t have that system or would never play the game myself, but want to see what it’s like. Or, I want to see some of the game play in action and watch only some of the video to see if it’s something worth my time. I’m odd that way. 

Now, I’m not against people using more colorful words in the the English language, but really only if it is in appropriate places. Such as playing a horror game “What the &^#% was that?” or puzzle game “I have no idea what the hell is going on…” That makes sense, it can give some laughs or understanding, cool beans go you. No, what I don’t get, and what will cause to to write off someone channel for good is someone who is dropping swear words left and right. Now, again, if it’s a horror game and it is really intense, and you’re hit with a jump scare, yeah you may roll with a handful of F-bombs. Yet, do we need to hear you swearing every other word, horror game or otherwise? It is very distracting and honestly makes the person seem so juvenile. This is all my opinion mind you. I don’t understand why they are swearing all the time, do they think it sounds cool or badass? I don’t know, really I just can’t get it.

That’s it really. I won’t watch a person’s channel if they swear all the time because it is boring, distracting, and unprofessional (though I get this isn’t a “real professional job”, doesn’t mean you can’t still act like it) as heck. It’s not like I’m anyone important or am going to break their channel, I just felt it important to put that out there.

If you’re someone who does so in their videos, care to share why? Do you realize you’re doing it? Any readers have the same complaints or a different opinion?  


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