Updating & Cleaning House (ramblings)

Wow, it is crazy how different my earliest posts are from my current ones! I can’t take it that my blog isn’t more seamless, so I’m going through and doing updates (such as adding more detail or better rating systems), deleting horrid posts and doing them over, and photos. It is really surprising how much I have already grown in the short nine/ten months I have had this blog. Which is good! It would be awful if I was just staying the same, pah! 

For those who have already read my not so pristine earlier posts: I apologize. For those who will read them in the future, gosh I hope they are appealing now! I think it is good to go back every so often and check on your old stuff, because like myself, you may find some things that need a little sprucing up!

That’s all, just wanted to put that out there since I planned on doing two posts today, but might have to just stick to the one I did this morning. This could take a while. Whew~

As an after thought: I have no idea why I rate books out of 5 and films out of 10. For some reason, it just seems better that way instead of both being either/or. 


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