Lack of Activity: Fallen to Sickness: Good News Ahead

So I was doing so very well on being consistent in updating. This week and a bit of last, I haven’t done anything really. A summer illness caught me in its grip and I’ve pretty much been away from the computer. I did have a pile of books to read and films to watch at least, so my material is bounding. Hopefully in a few days I will be able to throw out a bunch of posts and continue my flow of blogging.

Some good news though, I have a new job that I think I will quite enjoy while figuring out my schooling situation. This means my posting times may be a bit wonky, or I may have to change up my set posting days. Notices will be pending and posted once more develops on this front. I’ll probably have more for the Ramblings section for sure harhar! 

Anyways, hope you all haven’t forgotten me or given up hope yet! I will return with a typing fury while also attempting to connect with other cool bloggers too. Need to do more of that. 



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