The Quest : A Competitive Fantasy Reality Show

[sent to me via Twitter from actor: Marcello De Nardo]

[sent to me via Twitter from actor: Marcello De Nardo]

If any of you follow me on Twitter [@JabberwockyLady] you may have noticed that I went a little crazy with this show called The Quest. It airs on ABC, though I first discovered it by accident while on my Hulu Plus. I am now totally hooked, and sadly since I have no cable I have to wait for it to hit the internet. With the exception of my current situation where I’m house sitting for a cable enabled person-muaha.

*Ahem* anyways, I shall put down a brief description of the show, and then gush fangirl all over it afterwards.

Quick Summary: Twelve ‘Paladins’ have been selected to leave their ‘world’ behind and enter a new one-full of magick, dragons, mayhem, and challenges. Everealm is a land in trouble, an evil force is making its way slowly to the Queen’s castle, and these warriors of different backgrounds are chosen to defend it. However, only one is the True Hero. Each is given a piece of a magickal staff, which when made whole is used to defeat the Evil. These Paladins are trained in combat, their physical and mental skills tested. After each test, the bottom three must face another challenge against each other. The two who don’t pass must then wait for their comrades to choose who is to stay and who is to vanish away from  the realm. Friendships are made, battles are tested, and many enchanting people are met along the way. Welcome to- The Quest.

Okay, not a bad snipped I came up with eh? What they had on Hulu didn’t give it justice in my opinion, so I spiced up my own. So, in reality-survival style TV, twelve people were selected and sent to participate. They wear Paladin garb, sleep in a castle, and run into mythical monsters like Ogres. Actual Ogres. See, the creators of the show wanted it to be like you really went into a magickal realm (how many of you have had this fantasy?) in which it had to be saved. The castle is a real castle. A lot of the weapons are real as well. And the makeup/costuming/props are fantastic. One of the exec producers of Lord of the Rings and The Amazing Race came together to put this amazing thing out. A lot of time and work is there, and every character is acted out as such. I’ve never seen the actors break character and the Paladins get sucked into it as if it were real.

So each episode the story progresses a little, you meet new characters, learn more about old ones, and challenges are set. Such as horse riding, grappling, and weapons use, and puzzle solving. Sometimes there is more than one challenge in which they all must first work together to get to the next goal, where it is every Paladin for themselves. Each Paladin is unique and inevitably everyone gets a favorite or two. Same goes for the main ‘characters’ in the castle. The Grand Vizier is someone you don’t know if you should love & trust or love & distrust. He’s snarky, sneaky, but seems loyal. Than you have the sweet and helpful Crio, vassal of the Queen and the one the Paladins first met. The Queen herself who is regal and is one of the few who puts full faith in the Paladins. Also their battle trainer, head guard of the castle Sir Ansgar who yells and pushes the Paladins, but it’s for their own good. It is hard not to get sucked into this world, rooting and gasping as twists and turns unfold.

I’m not going to lie, if it gets a Season Two, I’m putting in an audition tape, because this is larping/Pathfinder/fantasy book induced day dreaming come true! Even if I was first to go, it would be worth it to sleep in a real castle and experience such a unique experience.

So, in conclusion, it stands on its own as a reality TV show. No, it’s not perfect, and some of it is pretty standard as far as elimination rounds and sometimes way too uneven odds against one another.  Despite this however, the plot, costumes, actors, etc make it all worth it to watch. Often if you are on Twitter, they do live tweeting (eastern time mostly) as the show is happening to share their thoughts and respond to fans. Not going to lie, I do follow a few Paladins, actors, and creators of the show. Can’t help it, they are actually pretty funny and thoughtful in responses. 

So pull out your arrows and shields my friends, and get ready for a pretty fun night of watching. I could go on and on, but you can just see all that on my Twitter feed harhar~


4 thoughts on “The Quest : A Competitive Fantasy Reality Show

  1. I’m so happy the show has made it onto Netflix—it’s really helped bring attention and new fans to the show. The Quest Army is humming with new members and the increased enthusiasm is infectious! This is a great article, JL. I only wish I had seen it sooner! I’ll see you in Season 2 😉

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