Youtube: Vlogging {a rambling}



So… Beloved video place of the internet that has exploded over the past decade or so. I enjoy many a vloggers/lets play/etc channels on it over the years, and have mentioned at least one of them on my blog. Though I have been a bit hit and miss as of late, I have been pondering…should I do a youtube channel?

For me it is a serious question. Being on this blog and twitter I have a sense of security and privacy. No one really knows what I look like, how I talk, etc. I am a very private person for the most part with my personal life-however- there is a part of me that wonders if I would have a different vibe on Youtube that would be positive and bring people to my blog. Would the folk who watch the Tube of You actually listen to what I have to say about books, games, and film? Would I care if they didn’t, and do it anyways (much like this blog in fact)? A few friends of mine have suggested I do short videos of summaries of my favorite posts on this blog, or maybe move more of my rants and ramblings over to video where they may be heard more. It is a curious thing I hadn’t really thought of much, this would mean I would have to been seen! Not that I’m ashamed my myself or anything like that. However, there is a certain vulnerability that comes with a Youtube channel that shows your person speaking, you’re really *out* there to the world. In a way it is exciting as well as frightening.

I haven’t made a decision yet, and if I ever did begin to make videos it would begin at once a week or something (I’m already trying to make a new timetable for the blog as is!). I don’t know. It’s not about the views I would get but how I would feel about myself being out there for other people to see, and how it would affect me as a person. Am I reading into this too much? Perhaps. Yet it is intriguing to think I could get my ideas and opinions out there to a different audience which could bring them to my more in-depth posts about such topics. Ponder, ponder, I still need to put some thought into this (as well as more time and effort!). It could be really fun, and something new that I have never tried before.

What are other peoples thoughts & experiences with this?


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