Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and readers! It is that wonderful and stressful time of the year again for some of us. For those who take up the  gauntlet with hope and attempts to write 50,000 words in one month.

Personally I have tried to finish said challenge though many times I have tried. This year is different however because I am currently talking a break from classes. Which means no huge texts to study for! This means I have little excuses for not giving it my all this year.

Already I have 2,000 words (a bit behind) and plan tip get much more down tonight. Who else is talking up this crazy challenge?

Never heard of it by chance? That is ok! It isn’t too late to start and jump on board. has all the info. Want to be buddies and compare word counts? Look for Morely. (Though at this point I need to update my book info and stats!)

May the muse of writing be with you!


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