Firsts {1 Year Anniversary of Jabberwocky}

Wow a whole year! Going back I see how different and much more eloquent my review posts are. I want to thank all of you who have stuck with me so far, recently jumped on, and overall help people this blog alive with inspiration to post. Whoops! Technically I had earlier posts that are no longer there, so my official publish date is earlier. So I am going to count this instead of the post you can still see.

For quite a while there I was consistent with my posts and regularly updated. I have games a bit but shall keep on going! Even if it it’s only one post a week this blog had helped me keep my sanity in check when things have been rather nuts in my life. Not to mention a fabulous excuse to do some of the things I really love.

I hope that the days and months following this pay will continue tip help me grow as a wrist and reviewer, add well as keep on putting people tip tag and content I them. I love tip male people think and debate different ideas.
So thank you all again! So much! pest lay me know if there’s is anything you would like to see on this blog or questions you may have.


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