Silent Hill: Book of Memories (demo) PS Vita



The demo for this game is available now on the Playstation Store, not too long and not too short.

Quick Summary: You the player on your birthday receive a strange looking parcel to your door by a mysterious and slightly creepy mailman. It is from the town of Silent Hill, which your character remarks that they don’t know anyone from such a place. Opening the package there is a strange book, within lies writings and drawings of nearly all your memories in your life thus far. Birthdays, dates, prom, etc, all listed in there. Curious you wonder what it would be like if you wrote in the book to change the past. Upon falling asleep, you awaken in a strange and dark place, having to take on a maze of room and passageways filled with monsters.

That pretty much sums it up right there. With the exception of also having small (and very easy in the demo) puzzles and missions. To begin you pick a random object, a clover, a throwing store, etc, without knowing what they do (though it is shown in character screen in gameplay) before heading to character customization. In the demo you have two ‘classes’ to choose from-Preppy and Goth. Though this is only limited to the clothing style, you can swap out hair and face with the other somewhat cliché classes. The age of your characters isn’t determined, but it gives the impression of maybe college, even though a lot of the costumes look juvenile and more like high school.  The graphics are at least nice, though a bit of a limited color pallet in the game which made it a bit visually boring.

Now for those of you familiar with the SH franchise, this isn’t like those other games with intense story telling, gritty characters, and suspense. Think back to old school dungeon crawlers with multiple players. You have a goal or set of goals, you go room to room defeating monsters, finding loot, and solving puzzles. There is zero element of fear or creepiness in the monsters or scenery in the game, but if you have the dungeon crawler mindset already in place this won’t be too much of a disappointment. You can play it just find as a single player, which it gives a type of room that is only available in this mode.

Now in the demo there is no difficulty setting, and I hope the actual game has one because I found it all way too easy. Weapons and health kits were just everywhere in this game. Although you can only carry two single-hand weapons or one dual-hand, it is just too easy to find a replacement when yours breaks down. Ah yes, that is one nice aspect, your weapons do have shelf life unless you have a tool kit to fix them. So this presents some sort of a challenge at least.

That is basically it. Go through, kill things, find & buy loot and weapons, get notes on your past and what this place is all about, plus puzzles. So, if you aren’t too bent up about it not being like a typical SH game, and want something to kill time with, then it’s not so bad. Good alone or I can assume with others, it’s a pick up and put down sort of game to do in between those massive campaigns and deep RPGs. It isn’t quite my cup of tea so I won’t be purchasing the full game (unless it is on super sale and I need a filler such as this), but I’ll still give it an alright score.

As a last note though, one thing that really killed it for me was the loading time between screens. Unusually long for this style of game, especially for a demo. Maybe the full game is better.

4.5/10 score.


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