Dandelion: Wishes Brought to you. (PC Demo)

[credit: steam.com]

               [credit: steam.com]

Hello all! Seeing as my laptop fan is dead and the external fan isn’t doing a good enough job of keeping it alive during game play, I have just been playing a few demos from Steam.com in the meantime. Or at least till the next set of PSN Plus free games come out haha.

One of the first ones that caught my eye was Dandelion-Wishes Brought to You. It had a very anime style to it which attracted me, as well as the fact that the dialog is Korean. I don’t normally play dating sim games (one of the few is Nicole, a mystery/dating sim.) Yet this made me nostalgic of the harem style anime I loved watching in my youth and sometimes a little bit of silly girlish games just call to me.

Brief Summary: Heejung Kim is a young woman who moved away from home to escape her grades obsessed mother to try and figure out what she wants in life. While going to school, working, and deciding what her dream is, a strange object appears in her home one day. More accurately objects: two cats and three rabbits. Unsure of how they appeared she decides to care for them, as they bring her some company to the loneliness of home. Soon however, the animals begin to act strange, and her life takes a turn towards the complicated and magical.

So basically…the young woman has a harem style of animal young men of whom she has the choice of which to fall for. In the short demo, I could see a lot of common archetype of characters which tends to be rather common in these types of games. The moe quite one, the energetic adorable one, the strong silent type, etc.

During Demo game play you get to choose what Heejung does with her day during the week, after classes or cram school. Each day you get to do one activity which raises and lowers different stats. At home she can do laundry, study for school, watch tv, take naps, etc. During these activities she may run into one of the animals/men and can share a conversation which can lower or increase likability.

One thing that really impressed me was the intro. It was really well done! Like the intro to an anime. The music flowed nicely, it showed a small verbal caption of each character and a shot of them, it drew together really well. In game the graphics are nice as well. Some of Heejung’s activities showed chibi versions, the young men have different poses and outfits, and the overview map of the house during activity selection is easily navigated and pleasant looking.

dandelion SH 2 dandelion SH 3 dandelion SH1

Now in the full version I’m unsure if the voices are in English or not, but even with the non-english it flowed nicely and the text followed it smoothly. The mouse controls worked really well and the stats when getting too high tell you what you need to do to lower them (like pressure or stress).

Overall it looked simple and cute, your basic multi-love story with really good artwork, and even though they’re predictable, the characters are cute and individual. One day I might play the full version and do another review of it, but for now I’ll say it is worth at least checking out the Demo.

You can check the Demo at Steam or purchase/learn more about the game at the main website.

Rating: 8/10.


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