Dread Out (PC Demo)

dreadout cover

Quick Summary: A group of high school students on a field trip stop by a deserted town due to a wrong turn. Going on foot, they discover a high school, all but Linda (the main character) and her friend go in. When the sun is setting, the group heads back to the bus only to discover that a student is missing. Everyone turns back to find them, only for strange and supernatural events to take place, separating Linda from everyone one else in the school. Equipped with only her cellphone for light, she uses it also as an tool for investigating ans capturing supernatural events while finding out what happened to her class.

First off the bat this game reminded me of Fatal Frame. You use your cellphone to find clues and help banish away ghosts whom you can only see through the camera option of your cellphone. It reminds me a lot of old school ghost games, not only in the graphics and story line but also the jump scares and game mechanics.

You use your phone for many things and for a lot of the game it is just holding it up and looking around. A loud jarring sound emits when something dangerous is near or if there is a clue. Because you are in a high school some of the rooms and halls seem a little sharp or small, but I am hoping that it will feel bigger or at least roomier as you explore.

There are different types of ghosts based on myths and stories of the country this game takes place in, Indonesia. It was really interesting to see them and sometimes I got myself into dangerous situation because I was looking too long, haha. The graphics are really a throwback to Playstation 2 type games, but the whole concept is a little old school so that’s just adds to its charm.

Again like in Fatal Frame, you have to use your phone camera to attack your enemies. Each click of your camera is an attack, different enemies require a certain amount of camera exposure. So you have to maneuver around a bit at times to be able to hit them while they move about.

One thing that was a bit annoying was when I died I had to ‘run towards the light’, but I felt like it took forever to finally reach the light and live once again. Also, Linda’s backside is oddly well defined…I just found that weird on a personal note.

Overall it is an alright game, with some good jump scares, some cool looking ghosts, but didn’t really hold my attention for too long. I probably won’t buy the full version, but if you’re looking for a PS2 styled horror game, this demo is worth checking out on Steam.

Rating: 5/10


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