Conception 2 (PS Vita Demo)



[A bit of warning! Mature themes and photos are included in this post since this game deals with mature topics and I wish to prove some points with visual aids. Thank you!]

I picked up this game as a demo, and it is the longest demo I think I have ever played in a very long time. I kept wondering when it was going to end sine there were many possible stopping points. This is one of the few positives of this demo, more of which I shall elaborate below.

Quick Summary: In this RPG/Dating Sim, children between the ages of fourteen and sixteen are sometimes bestowed with a gift. This gift is from the Star God, and enables them to use abilities to fight off demonic creatures born fro the Dusk Circles. These disks, said to have been sent to punish humans for their (seven) sins, pose a threat to humanity as the demons seems to pour endlessly. When the mark of the Star God appears, the youths are sent to a special facility where they will learn to use their powers and fight the demons. Not everyone is marked equally however, some students having higher ‘ether’ (males) or star energy (females). The higher these powers the better they are to fight and go deeper in the Labyrinths of the Circles. Those of S-rank can intertwine these abilities to create small beings to help them fight the demons in the labyrinths.

That is a nice simple summary of this game, but it  holds a lot more. When I first heard of the concept I thought I’d play it for some laughs. It sounded a bit cheesy but the game mechanics could be interesting. I quickly went from laughing at the fan service and crude innuendos to coughing uncomfortably at the extent that they took it, which then fell into boredom as I finally reached the end of the demo.

Here is a video to show you the opening scene of the game.

So I’ve got quite a lot of a bone to pick with this game, I’ll break it down into categories, and within those do some bulletins of what bothered me and why. I hope this post doesn’t get too long, so bear with me dear readers.

1.) Overuse of Innuendos/Sexual References

  • The Protagonist is called ‘God’s Gift’ because he has so much ‘Ether’ that he can classmate with any female S-link. (So in a sense he is ‘god’s gift to women).
  • The females breasts bounce and jiggle with the slightest movement in conversations. Doesn’t matter how big or small the chest is, if they move back in shock, move forward in anger, turn in embarrassment…jiggle-jiggle. It’s like a DOA Volleyball match out there!
  • Classmating, Ether, Star Energy, Star Womb, Star Child. All of this is a not so clever way of say the male and female students are getting it on (with their energies mind you) to make a Star Child using a special device for the Star Womb. I don’t think this would have bugged me so much if it wasn’t the fact that the female you ‘classmate’ with is shown in all pink arching and writhing…and then your blue hand grasps her pink hand. That is some mix of energies there. Oh, and the Star Children have hair characteristics of the ‘Mother’. They do call you mum and pops. And you get a ‘Congratulations on your new arrival message. By the way it is encourage to ‘classmate’ with as many females as possible since you’re the only one who can do such a thing. You can see an example of that in this video. (For just mixing energy in a doll case, why is she acting like a virgin bride?)
  • The old man who is a high priest makes lewd comments about his young pupils. All. The. Time. It gets super creepy after a while.
  • On special occasions you can have events to touch a heroine. Touching communication. Listen to the heroine to touch her in the right place. (This was not available in the demo, but it was mentioned in the tutorial.)
  • Overly crass or cheesy conversations.That is one smokin hot tomater” “So you and her put your lips on the same thing huh? That’s like an indirect kiss!” “I envy youth…if I was a disciple I’m sure I would have had enough ether for a legion of children.”

Peer Interaction/Dating:

  • You converse with each female (3 max at one time), choosing various dialoug options. There was supposedly a way to get them mad at you so that your bond wasn’t as strong (resulting in not as good Star Children). It didn’t seem to take much though to make them happy again. In the full version you can buy them gifts to make them happy again. It all comes across as pretty shallow. None of the girls I interacted with in the demo seemed to have much depth to them.
  • You can end the game by choosing a single heroine to be with, or if you did certain steps you can have the ‘Harem’ ending in which you end up with ALL the female heroines. Who are cool with it because they know that you need a strong bond with all of them to beat the Dusk Circles.

Battle System:

  • At first seemingly cool, you get to take one heroine and 9 star children into battle. When fighting you pick one of four sides to attack from, some weaker points then others. Three star children attack at once as a group while you and the heroine attack as one. There is a mix of physical and magick attacks, you get more as you level up. However, during the entire demo I used the same strategy every time. Attack from behind, then the weak point, etc, etc, until it was dead. Even the mini and ‘final’ boss ended up being very easy. It go really boring after a while because I didn’t need to have any real change to my strategy.
  • Labyrinths all look the same on each floor with too many dead ends that don’t come as a surprise. It is like they tried to mimic the popular Persona games with the labyrinth style, but ended up doing a poor job of it. After the first few floors I got bored of the scenery, it didn’t take a genius to figure out which routes were dead ends, and each battle room was stationed pretty much alike as well. Oh, and the monsters didn’t move a whole lot so you can easily pick up all the items in the room first.
  • Too many items to easily obtain. Now this may be because I wasn’t able to change the difficultly level of the game, but even on easy mode I didn’t expect everything to be handed to me. It made it boring. There was no change I’d run out of HP or MP. I found weapons all over the place to sell. It was a slow walk through the park.

I know it looks like I’m beating this game up quite a bit, but it kind of deserves it. I was almost begging for the end of the demo to come at one point because I couldn’t take another bad sexual pun or fast moving battle sequence. I’ve played dating sims as a solo and dating RPG games. This has really no depth or deep story line at all. I didn’t care about any of the characters, and have no interest in buying the full game. Fan service is all well and good in bits and pieces (again like Persona with the ‘armor’ option of swimsuits for the girls) but this is really all this is. One long, painful wink-wink nudge-nudge joke that doesn’t seem to end. If the game actually had a better storyline, interesting characters, and better designed battle system I would have let them get away with a lot of the sexual jokes and scenes. Alas, instead that is all we are left with. For those who are curious, here is a compilation of every girls battle transformation (very magical girl style) with plenty of T and A shots.

Rating: 2/10. Graphics were good, battle concept was at least new, but everything else just ruined it for me.


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