Hiatus, News, & Thanks

Hello fellow bloggers and readers.

Firstly: my deepest apologies for not following through on my words of posting again. I honestly thought I would be able to yet obviously have yet to do so.

Here’s the skinny on that. I am, all at once, planning my wedding, going through knee physical therapy, planning on moving after said wedding, and taking on a second job. There is just no free time to do the things I love to blog about! On my days off if it isn’t cleaning or packing I am doing my other job or catching up on sleep. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

So time to be realistic now and honest with myself (and you). I am going on an official hiatus. This blog will still be up for viewing and open for comments (which I can quickly check and reply too). Until after my wedding and move, there will be no more regular postings. Once in a while I may through down a quickie post on an exciting new game or book turned movie, but till life settles l just can’t dedicate the time or energy.

In other news on the side while I am waiting in the Dr. Office or on my breaks I have been writing on my novel, a dark fantasy YA. This I can do without pressure of not getting it done quickly enough for the blog like a book review. So maybe I will be able to finish that in the next 6 months and tell you about it!

So thank you for sticking with me this long and putting up with delays. I hope you’ll keep me on your list for when I rise from the ashes and return to regular blogging.

Till we meet again!


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