Flyner update: paper plane changes

So quite a while ago I mentioned how awesome was for connecting to people across the world. I had philosophic talks, gaming talks, rpg talks, etc.

Recently I went back to try again after many months of not using it. One major change I noticed: people asking for help. In the first 10 minutes of use I had 3 different “paper planes” asking for advice, for someone to listen, asking for help. What a shock! Yet what a great use of an anonymous tool. Someone who felt they had no one whom loves them, another whose best friend turned on them because of a life choice…deep things you need to talk about! Yet sometimes people can’t talk to those who know them personally.

To those who need to speak yet can’t on normal ways, what a great chance to (hopefully) meet someone caring and compassionate to listen to your heartache. Even perhaps help someone from doing something drastic.

Not the original idea, but applause to flyner for connecting people who need someone-anyone, to talk to on a desperate or heartfelt situation.


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