A Giveaway In Honor of the Awesomeness of Girls <3

Who doesn’t love free books?

The Daily Dahlia

Here are things you should know about the characters I love to write:

They are flawed, and they are real, and they are strong not because they wield weapons but because they survive and thrive in a world that doesn’t always feel meant for them. They might suck at communicating, or caretaking, or even basic human decency, but hell, so do I. And I want to write characters who feel like me, and I want read characters who feel like me. I want to read characters who screw up, who are sex-positive but make mistakes in that arena too, who value friends but don’t always recognize when those relationships are toxic, who are jealous, who know sometimes they look good, who know sometimes they don’t, who are people people people above all else people.

A few things are happening for me right now in book life:

1. As you may…

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