Meeting Simon

Giving a friendly face to a common fiend.

Gnomling's Corner

Hello again, gnome-fans! Please, make yourself at home. There’s a case of cider in the fridge, and I’ve got a tasty rosé I could open if you’re interested.  In any case, today’s post involves one of my former roommates: a wasp named Simon. Far from being a pale man of English descent and a particular religious leanings, Simon was a yellow jacket. Simon and I met far too early on a chilly November morning, right before I was about to head out to work. He buzzed around my head a few times, knocked against the wall, and then abruptly flew into my floor lamp, where he buzzed about some more, apparently unable to get himself out.  I didn’t have the time or the inclination to rescue him from his eventual death by light bulb, so I just shut off the light and headed out for the day. By the time…

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